Anna Bullard Appointed VP of Strategy and Development

Anna Bullard has been named BHCOE’s Vice President of Strategy and Development

The Behavioral Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Anna Bullard as the Vice President of Strategy and Development. In her new role, Anna will play a pivotal part in building strategic partnerships for the company’s various organizational services and initiatives. Anna is a beacon of light in the quest for quality care for autistic individuals. The torch she carries is personal.

Anna’s career is marked by significant accomplishments, including fifteen years of experience working nationwide with ABA organizations and health care plans. Her profound industry knowledge began when her daughter Ava was diagnosed with autism. After learning that her insurance did not cover treatment expenses, Anna advocated for change at the state level. In 2015, she led the charge for the enactment of Ava’s Law which ensures that families and children have access to the necessary treatments that they deserve.

Anna’s advocacy for an ABA program for autistic individuals within her local school system led to the creation of a groundbreaking program which serves the entire school system. Recognizing the necessity for an after-school program to support at-risk youth in rural communities, Anna actively pursued grant applications and successfully secured a total of 8 million dollars in grants for rural area school districts.

During her time with BHCOE, Anna spearheaded the creation of a new service division known as Accelerated Delegated Credentialing (ADC), a NCQA-certified Credential Verification Organization. ADC strives to ensure children receive quality care without experiencing challenging wait times. ADC offers contracting and credentialing to meet the need of enrolling ABA providers with healthcare payers.

When asked what initiative she is most excited about stewarding in her new role, she shared her enthusiasm around NADR.

“NADR. This service creates transparency around the quality of care with fidelity for payers, providers, and most importantly, families. As an advocate in the autism community, my goal is to always lead with inclusivity and patient care at the center of every decision I make.”

The National Autism Data Registry (NADR), is a platform that collects data to ensure quality services are provided to the consumer. This quality measurement platform will function as a tool for developing standardized measurements, enabling providers and payers to assess the quality of care provided to patients using process, structure, and outcome measures creating the opportunity for value-based payments for quality.

Anna’s appointment as VP of Strategy and Development underscores BHCOE’s commitment to advancing its mission of improving the quality and access to behavioral health services.


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